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Casing stones of polished limestone coated the skin and mirrored the daylight people could, without magnification, see from Israel and from the moon.

Enlil claimed he was hitting Egypt While using the plagues, infestations, cattle ailments, three times of darkness and climate disturbances that accompanied the nearing of Nibiru or its Lagrange detritus.

These stone circles capacitated sonar Electricity. Nibirans and their tailored worker-slaves laid channels of stone that related all of the stone circles in south Africa. They established iron-wealthy, magnetically-billed granite rocks on either side of the channels Among the many stone circles. The joined, steady stone channels spread inside of a under no circumstances-ending Internet of 500 million stones over a 500 kilometer area.

It is apparent you may have gone on a testing spree of latent faculties and have been mucked with to discover Everything you’d do And the way you’d react. If somebody required you lifeless, you’d be long gone. But that isn't what this is about.

A little something interrupted Ollantaytambu’s building; “stone blocks lie strewn about,” with T-cuts for poured metallic clamps in them to carry the blocks jointly throughout earthquakes. The clamp-cuts duplicate These at Tiahanacu. “A levitation system made the stones leap in the future from the quarry to slides, in which the stones will be pushed over the edge and retrieved at the bottom.

Nannar designed some of Adapa’s descendants monks. The clergymen led rituals to the Earthlings and taught them to guidance, obey and worship Nannar and another Anunnaki as gods.

“On how again, carrying the peace concept, Banda fell Ill; his spirit still left him. His comrades raised his neck, without the breath of lifetime it absolutely was.

“At the conclusion of the western Component of Machu Picchu, the semicircular Torreon is crafted of ashlars “results in its individual sacred enclosure on the center of which You will find a rock that’s been cut and formed and incised with grooves” just like the rock in Jerusalem’s Temple Mound and Mecca’s black stone.

Chichen Itza by 450BC, “the theory sacred city of Yucatan,” boasted a sacred well. The Itzas, migrants from the south, constructed builders chalk their ceremonial center–the great central pyramid as well as observatory–near wherever Thoth first came ashore in Yucatan.

The twins quarreled a complete Wintertime. from this source They argued no matter if Ka-in’s grains and fish-loaded water canals or Abael’s meat and wool gave most.

as we of Nibiru are. Our ancestor the Apeman is; into us he evolves. Speed Apeman shall we, velocity him but some millions of yrs to what has generally been his Future.”

Buildings and plazas type precise rectangulars and squares aligned with east-west as the major axis.” The builders “ingeniously utilized The 2 levels of the tributaries to create a flow for panning gold. The positioning when held ultramodern machinery.

I asked Michael if he could attract a picture from the gargoyle encounter, but he explained to me he can’t attract in the least. I sent him 6 or seven shots that happen to be in general public domain and requested him if any of them corresponds with what he saw, and this builders arms chelsea is what he informed me about fig. 7

He possibly employed technological know-how Dunn proved in Egypt’s Giza Pyramids. Angkor produced power as Component of a world-broad grid Anunnaki pyramidal electrical power stations and monoliths that accessed and augmented power for aircraft, communication, lighting and computing.

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